Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its Sunday morning and sitting (in a chair no less) is a very alert talkative guy whose chief complaint is that he is starving to death. He hasn't had food for going on 40 hours. That decision is based on his having failed the swallow test so they were afraid he might once again aspirate spit up food. He says he has now studied for the test and when they give it again, he will pass. I'm sure he will as he is not gagging much at all now. He's sitting up in the chair but they have not yet gotten him to his feet because the physical therapists apparently don't work on week ends. The nurse promises she will get him on his feet today. He is very very weak. He trying right now to wield a pencil to do a crossword puzzle. The page is pretty much a mess but he assures me the answers are right. We really don't have any doubt that things are working out. However the haz mat garb is still in effect so its hard to visit. He was really glad to see Rod and Judy Groves last evening and his son, Braden, who arrived from Kentucky yesterday. But the precautions make it hard on the guests. Kim and John have been here throughout and are wonderful. We are basically spelling each other now so we can each get some rest. Braden is going to take the late shift tonight. Debby (my sister) is coming tomorrow and will be more help. Bye for now and again thank all of you for your interest and comments. If you are just looking in to this , try becoming a "follower" so you can add comments. It really is simple. And I can read teh comments to Brian. Love to all. Pat --If anybody knows how to down load photos, onto this would you write a comment then I can send photos one early one today (Nell?)


  1. Sunday,11:40am Sounds like you are getting great medical care as well as family care. Nothing like getting the correct antibiotic! I'm sure that was THE "difference in a day".I'm curious as to what the 2nd bacteria was and what the 2 antibiotics are that are being used?Our thoughts are with you.joyce

  2. Brian...Sooooo glad that you are doing well! Sounds like Pat is an excellent nurse and is keeping everyone so well informed. You gave us all quite a scare. I've been speaking with Ethel and trying to assure her everything will be OK...I feel alot better about doing that after hearing the latest report. Our Brian was home this past week and left to go back to Boston this morning. He also overlapped with some other friends last week so we were quite busy. Keep on the road to recovery and we'll stay in touch.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxMary Ellen and Bill

  3. Hey, Brian! Congratulations on such a fast recovery. You must have a strong and healthy body to have fought so much, so well! Good Luck with the crossword puzzle!


  4. I keep trying to put my 2 cents worth in, but it doesn't work for me. One of these days, you'll probably find 25 messages. So happy to hear of your progress, Brian. Keep it up.


  5. Pat and Brian,
    Believe it or not I, techno idiot extraordinaire, have been asked to post instructions to others less adept than I, about how to post a comment. So here goes.
    Find Post a Comment in red print.
    Type your comment in the big box below that.
    Then click on Select Profile and pick one. I pick Google. Then click on Post Comment. YOu will get a weird configuration of a word. Type in the letters. It is a test. Not as hard as Brian's swallow test, but you can do it. Then click to post the comment.

  6. Great progress! Anybody able to do a crossword puzzle is obviously well on the way to recovery. Keep up the good work and take very good care of yourselves. Margaret

  7. Hi Pat and Brian--I am so, so happy to hear how well you are doing, Brian! I really can't tell you how relieved I am.
    Pat, to post a picture, you will add it when you are drafting your post for the day. At the top of the window where you type your post there is an icon that looks sort of like a picture, next to an icon that looks sort of like a film strip. Click on the picture icon and it will take you to a page where you can "browse" your computer for a picture. Once you have selected it, just make sure to click on the box next to "agree to terms of service" and then click "upload photo" and then post just like any other post. I hope that is the information you wanted--feel free to call!
    Love always,

  8. Hi Pat and Brian, It was great to see you both on Sat. and to hear that Brian is continuing to recover. We were supprised that after all he has been through he was so alert and articulate with his same sense of humor and a twinkle in his eye. Hopefully I have finally figured out how to write in this $@#% blog.(sorry) Why can't there be simple instructions. My problem has been that I couldn't find where to post the blog now I think I have it but this is the second attempt because first my portable went dead before I could send anything. Maybe if I feel up to it I'll send pictures after I recover from this attemp. Lots of love to you both, Judy

  9. Good morning, Brian,

    Hope you had a good night. Your mom and I were happy to hear that Braden spent the late night shift with you.

    Appreciate all the updates from Pat.

    With love from Wisconsin....Lois and Ed

  10. hi! for the hundreth time i am trying again thanks to nell!! soo happy you are doing better Brian!!