Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brian is being helped to walk now and after I complained to the Dr, he wrote an order for people to come help him walk 4 times a day. I think this won't be for long however as they are talking about moving him to a re-hab facility as early as tomorrow. Someone from that facility is coming over later today to test whether he is a good candidate for their type of re-hab. Meanwhile the infection is almost under control. They take him off antibiotic today. There was quite a little scare yesterday which is resolved today. Someone here told us yesterday that he would be infectious for months and have to stay in isolation even at home. But then the infectious medicine doctor was in and said he doesn't even have to be in isolation now but the hospital has its rules and once you are in an isolation room (he was put in one day before yesterday) they will never let people come in without mask, gloves and gown. Assuming he goes to rehab tomorrow, that won't matter for long. The heart doctor was in this morning and says his heart is doing very well and (though one is more likely to have a 2nd heart attack in the first year after the first) he should be able to do everything he was doing before...including digging irrigation ditches and planting trees. Dr. Federicci says the hard physical activity had kept him in good shape and so he has been able to recover faster. Kim is still here much of her day even though she's also working full time. Kim is a nurse specialist in paliative care and so, even though she says she doesn't know much heart and infection issues, she seems to me to be a genius and asks many questions which I wouldn't know enough to ask. Braden is relieved that his father is doing so well. He will go back to Kentucky by week's end. Finals are next week and he is an art history professor. Deb (my sister) is in Albuquerque now and helping not only here in the hospital but also at home. So yesterday we picked up Rosie from the Boxer Dog Zoo (really. only the breeders house) where she has been with 19 other dogs most of which are new puppies. She is exhausted and keeps searching each room over and over--I assume looking for Brian. Brian says that he is amazed at the blogging comments and really appreciates hearing from all of you who have logged in and also for the cards and emails. He says he didn't know he had so many friends. Until tomorrow, Pat


  1. Yay! Progress!! But you didn't mention food yet, Pat- any retest yet? perhaps a yummy cardiac milkshake? It won't hurt to keep the stray germs corraled outside your space for a day or two, Brian- the last thing you need is a cold! Hurry up and get well so we can bore-I meant entertain- you with pictures from our trip!

  2. Great news!!!! Brian, I need some ditches dug, so I am anxious for your recovery.

  3. Dear Pat and Brian, Its great to hear that Brian is doing really well on the road to recovery. I think of both of you frequently and send my wishes for a continued recovery. If there is anything i can do please let me know. Warm regards, Arthur