Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brian's Health Update

Hello everyone,
My daughter Kim, an I are in Brian's hospital room trying to figure out how to start a blog so that we can most easily give everybody who wants one, an update on Brian's condition. If you're reading this I guess it must have worked.
This is Wednesday. Brian's heart attack was Saturday night. It has been a wild few days starting with the news I received when I reached the hospital just after the ambulance that he had had a major heart attack in the ambulance. The early going was pretty touch and go. The doctor wouldn't give a prognosis except to say that if they put in stents, the operation itself had a twenty percent chance of killing him but that, if he didn't have the operation, he had an eighty percent chance of dying that night.
After surgery there were complications requiring extra support for his heart--meds to keep the blood pressure up and the heart beating regularly and a balloon in his aorta to help his heart beat and a ventilator to breathe for him. Now all of that is gone except the ventilator which is due to come out in an hour or so. He has been under sedation throughout but after the ventilator is out he will be weaned off sedation and be able to talk and we will see how he is. The main concern at the moment is an infection in his lung which started because he aspirated vomit sometime around when he was having the attack. They assure me that this will clear up in a few days. However, the estimate of number of days has increased recently.
Anyway, things are looking better and better every day. I'll write again when I know more. I want to thank all of you who have expressed your concern and offered to help. It is really appreciated. Yours, Pat PS Let me know if the blog worked, would you?


  1. Just call yourselves internet genuises! You did great. We'll let folks know here in the office that they can check up on Brian this way.

    So glad things are looking up. We're keeping you both in our prayers. Christine

  2. I am now following this blog too

  3. Dear Brian, Pat and Kim,

    Cacky, Sam, Tom, Will, and I have you in our thoughts and we wish Brian a strong and rapid recovery. Thanks for making it so easy to keep up-to-date and stay connected. - Jeff

  4. You are a champion blogger Pat. I am so glad that you set this up so we can communicate with you and Brian and Kim without worrying you with phone calls etc. And you can communicate with us without having to exhaust yourself with individual calls and emails.
    Much love,

  5. Pat and Kim: thanks for doing this and so well. I am happy to hear your positive update. Keep up the good news. I'll stay in touch through Kim or this blog

  6. Hello Pat and Family - I have finally connected with the blog. A wonderful concept. It is so great to hear good news for Brian which means good news for you and all of us. We will keep you in our thoughts. As always let us know if there is anything any of us can do for you. Margaret

  7. pat&kim just learning the wonder of blogging! Have they taken out the ventilator? thinking of you and waiting for the next news. joyce

  8. Uh, Brian.....about this raft trip...can you be ready by June 19? We hope so! Becky and Dave Steele