Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi everyone, This morning seems a little mixed. Brian passed a calm night. Kim and John (son in law) were here and I had a chance to go home early which was really appreciated. Melissa (grand daughter) stopped in too. Friends, Nancy Cushman and and Mary Colton stopped by yesterday and I enjoyed talking to someone from the "outside." John was also here this morning when I arrived. The good news is that they tell me that they know that they have found the right antibiotic because the cultured specimen taken from his lungs earlier is reacting positively to it. Also the gunk coming out of his lungs looks clearer tome. My concern today is probably unfounded but they are putting in a pic line so he won't have so many different lines going into him. That's fine fut the reason given for it is that "we always do that when the patient is going to be here for such a long time." Also, they have him more sedated than they did yesterday. It is a new nurse and he is making the decisions and they make me uneasy. I'm sure this is just me making myself crazy like I do. Early this morning I went to visit Rosie (our relatively new boxer "puppy" who was sort of traumatized by events and being in strange places until we got her to her original home--where she was born. Her father, mother, aunt and 16 new puppies have made her feel quite at home. All of them pounced on me when I arrived so I left with mud, straw, dog hair and (I don't even want to imagine) clinging to my clothes. I tried to wash with bottled water at stop signs but arrived at the hospital in a surely less than sanitary condition. Thanks to everybody for their kind thoughts and messages. Some people are having trouble getting to this blog. Would those of you who can who know others who can't, would you give advice (Nell??)? Thanks. More tomorrow. Pat


  1. Finally was able to get on the blog today and reading all the messages/comments at once was harder for me than I thought it would be. The distance has been a barrier for me that has allowed me not to be as close to this situation both physically and emotionally. Reading these descriptions breaks that barrier and breaks my heart.

  2. Hi Katie, welcome to the blog. I know its hard not being nearby. But things are improving now, as you know. Brian just asked John for a Coke.

  3. Pat: So glad thqat you and Kim got the blog set up. We have been so worried being out of town and am relieved that Brian seems to be out of the woods. All this seems so teribly fmiliar (pic line) good for pt comfort, but high rish of infection, and all of the other goings on, nurses, labs. etc. You both are in out thoughts every day and will visit when we return. cyber hugs - jetta and Jack

  4. HI Pat. Anyone who needs any help or "advice" please let me know. I am forwarding the blog info to anyone who needs it if you cannot get on the blog or whatever.
    I am so glad that you went to see Rosie, who of course is doing just fine. Ain't she the lucky one.
    I am so glad to hear that the antibiotic is working. Yes, Brian will stay there until he has beaten back that infection, so settle in. He has been a pretty sick guy. The clear gunk sounds very positive!!!!
    I have time over the weekend to do ANYTHING that might be helpful for you. 269-6112.

  5. I just uploaded a picture of Brian. I know that it is supposed to be my profile but this is really all about Brian so I figured his photo was more impressive. Pat