Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Morning, What a difference a day makes. We've had a very eventful 24 hours. Yesterday, despite the nurses prediction, the pulmonologist elected to first see whether, after having been awakened, he could tolerate the ventilator being turned off for 10 minutes. He could and so the Dr. asked if he wanted it out. Brian though now alert couldn't talk because his vocal cords hadn't been used in a week so finally he shrugged and the Dr said okay I'm calling it...lets take it out. Within minutes it was out and Brian was able to maintain his breathing.. He's now under no sedation and no ventilator and no meds except for the antibiotic for the lung infection. all is wonderful. With a few minor exceptions. Because he's no longer breathing in a "closed system" they are way way more strict so everybody who enters the room has to wear mask sown and gloves. He needs something right now so more later. Pat


  1. Pat, I sent you an email on your gmail account about a phone call I got this morning. Please read.
    What wonderful news!!! Getting off that ventilator is so important. Now Brian, with a little practice, can tell everyone what he needs and how he feels and when he wants a coke. Terrific!!!!

  2. Great news - we are grateful things are going so well. Tell Brian there are easier ways to get out of a movie group discussion!!! We are glad to be able to access the blog and look forward to hearing Brian's story from him!!! Sally & Gary

  3. I am so glad to hear it. Please give Brian a really big hug for me. Much love.

  4. Nell, I didn't get a gmail message from you yet

  5. Thanks so much for the update, Pat. It's great to hear of Brian's improvment.
    Please tell Brian that we're delighted with his progress, and we hope to see him soon.
    (Very impressed with your blogging, Pat. Such a techno woman!)
    Love to you both.
    Judy and Peter

  6. Wonderful, great news! It's a slamdunk from here on. margaret