Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Thursday morning, May 7, and Brian's last full day in any medical facility. He was scheduled to leave in a week but spent much of yesterday "negotiating" with each of the people (medical and therapudic) who had to sign off. We also managed to leapfrog over the assigned in-home nursing and physical and occupational therapy to get immediately into a cardio-rehab at Pres-Healthplex where he will get all of that and where we already have a membership. He eschewed the at home wheel chair but will come home with a fanny-pack oxygen set-up which they expect he will only need for a week or so. While Brian has been getting thinner and thinner, I've been getting fatter and fatter. For some days after the attack, my routine, when I left the hospital, was to come home and eat frosting out of a can while watching John Stewart re-runs. Then my sister came and fixed me amazing gormet meals and now I'm eating mostly pizza and cake. And, while Brian's brain seems to have come through all of this, as he says, "no more damaged than it was before," I can't say the same for my own. This morning when I came downstairs, it seemed quite chilly and I discovered that I'd left the front door wide open. When I cast back, I realized that when I must have done that was yesterday morning before I left for the hospital. This is the third time in the last few weeks that I've left the house with the door standing open ---extreme, even for me. Happily never when Rosie was here. Rosie had been home without company for a few hours each day so she had taken to finding ever more interesting things to destroy which ranged from much of my underwear to the coffee table (I kid you not--she chewed off hunks of the thick wooden leg to the coffee table). So, she's temporarily back at the boxer zoo. My appreciation of how much Brian usually fixed around this complicated place increases by the day. Since he has been gone, there has been an irrigation ditch flood which came up to the front door, a toilet flood, a broken garbage disposal, a mower flat tire and a few other things which I've forgotten. I think I will take a few last day photos of Brian today and post them tororrow and then stop posting on the blog unless someting totally surprising happens. Brian knows how many well wishers he has and both of us are truly grateful. Thank you all. Pat


  1. Pat and Brian, what good news! My former upstairs neighbor used the Pres HealthPlex and was very pleased with the rehab. I won't even bother to say take it easy, Brian. It doesn't sound like it would do any good. I, at times, think about buying a small place. Then I think about things like toilets and garbage disposals and I come to my senses. Take care of yourselves and eachother. Nancy

  2. Pat, I totally understand your eating issues. I always wonder what my eating would be like without adult supervision. Hopefully things will get back to close to normal with Brian returning tomorrow. Please keep us in mind if you need any help with the property or other issues. We're so pleased that Brian is doing well. Hopefully he won't overdue. Keep well and eat well XXX Judy