Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Monday morning, May 4th. When I started this blog, I understood that it would be easy for people to reach by going to google and entering my name as patfrieder. During the whole time I was writing every day that wasn't possible. But today, when I was just about to write my last entry, I find that it is possible now. So you can go to google and enter my name in the search box and when the list comes up, the second option says patfrieder blog. Click on it and when you get a screen with choices, click "view blog." Because it is now easy, I'll continue using this way of communicating for a while. Brian is getting stronger by the hour. Not surprisingly, now that he is free to move, he is doing more than he is officially allowed to do, moving in his room without calling the nurse and, I think, without using the walker. When I'm there he uses it but I notice that when I arrive it is in some unhandy corner so.... He is taking both occupational and physical therapy. It is remarkable that he was so disabled by this--down to such things as not being able to tie a shoe or get into a car (they have half a car in the therapy room). It's also remarkable how fast things come back once he does them properly. It's as if the memory of how to do things went away and magically reappears when the motion is completed (with the help of the therapist). He is reading and has completed two books this week end. He is enjoying the visits with friends and you are all welcome to come as you like. He's got classes (arm class and leg class etc) in the mid morning and early afternoon but is free at lunch and late afternoon, evening. He says he is coming home by friday but I doubt it. Deb and Braden have left and my own life will settle soon. I hope. Yours, Pat


  1. I cant believe only 1 of my 4 comments made it to posting! We really have been thinking of ya'all throughout this whole time. I hate to admit this but I am just learning the computer world. Sounds like a great rehab place. the stories you relay about how he has forgotten things is amazing. How much longer are you predicted to be there? Keep us posted. we really appreciate it. joyce

  2. I am definitely pro-blog. As long as it is not too much trouble, it is a great way to stay updated.


  3. Hi, Pat and Brian: We're keeping tabs on you via this nifty blog-thing. It was new to us starting with the Reynolds. We're glad to know you're doing so well, Brian. Pat, since I'm so close to you, can I help you by helping take care of your dog? I can even bring her here to our house if it would help you. Becky and Dave S.

  4. I am so glad for the progress Brian is making. hopefully I will be able to visit you two when I come out for Sean's graduation. love to you both!!!Pam

  5. Brian and Pat,

    Glad that things are going well in PT and OT, Brian. This has been a heck of a way to get you to slow down, hasn't it?

    Yance and I expect to get up to Manty for your mom's BD on Saturday.

    Pat, thanks so much for keeping us all posted. I know this hasn't been easy for you but you've done a great job.

    Hope the rehab food is good -- the bones are showing, Brian.

    Love, Lois